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  1. r_aupaluktuq96

    This one is nice and strong, A bit sticky, Buying more for sure

  2. r_aupaluktuq96

    This hash is pretty good, But not the same color in this photo, I will buy more for sure in the future

  3. r_aupaluktuq96

    Awesome hash, I would recommend getting some

  4. Abhinav Arora

    Big sticky buds Smells great Looks fresh

  5. JP

    Reslly nice. Sticky and great smeel great taste. no effects other than relaxation, anti stress and calming! Great product

  6. Ivana

    Very tasty! And accurate dosage!

  7. A Vachon

    Great CBD product. It has the highest concentration of CBD I could find without suffering any bad effects from any lingering THC content. The best sleeping aid I've ever tried, smooth and relaxing effect.

  8. Stacey Flewelling

    Green Crack is easily in my top 3 favourite strains. The euphoria you get from this strain is only equally matched with its offspring: God's Green Crack (Which is my #1 favourite strain). I highly, HIGHLY recommend this strain. It smells wonderful, smokes great, and tastes yummy. You should definitely have this strain in your collection! <3

  9. Stacey Flewelling

    Smells great, melts like a dream, and tastes delicious. I got the Gorilla Glue and was pleasantly surprised how high a tiny piece got me. I can't wait until the others come into stock. I will be buying this again. Love it.

  10. Stacey Flewelling

    This is delicious! Great texture, melts beautifully, gets you really high, and smells terrific! I got the Lemon Haze and I couldn't be happier with this purchase. Highly recommended!

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