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Tonic Extracts is premium grade shatter straight out of British Columbia. Tonic’s lab tested premium shatter provides it’s patients with clean, medical smoke. Each envelope contains 1 gram of shatter.

Choose from several different strains:

Shatter is a concentrated form of cannabis, meaning it is derived from pure cannabis extracts. This means that it contains up to 90% cannabinoid content, making it a hard-hitting method that is far more potent than flower. In fact, shatter is considered one of the purest forms of concentrate, but its delicate nature can make it hard to work with. In comparison, regular bud only has 5-18% cannabinoid content.

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Biscotti (Indica), Cotton Candy (Indica), Critical Mass (Indica), Mendo Breath (Indica), NYC Diesel (Hybrid), Orange Crush (Sativa), Platinum Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid)


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