TONIC – Clear THC Distillate (1mL)

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Buy Tonic Clear THC Distillate 1ml Online

Clear THC distillate is a product of a process known as short path distillation. This refines raw oil that is a product of CO2, butane, and others solvent extractions. It is pale golden. Just as the name implies, it is a clear transparent solution. Clear THC distillate is sometimes sold as “The Clear”. It is a highly potent and viscous product that has a purity level of up to 98.85%.

It is the major ingredient in vape pens as they use distillate available in the market. Terpene is added to offer great flavors. The distillate can be consumed orally, devoid of any further processing. You can buy tonic clear THC distillate 1ml online and consume it through vaporizing, topping off on the joint or bowl and smoke it, use it suppository or sublingually. It is also used to make anything edible. Examples include blueberry distillate, elements gorilla, and glue distillate.


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