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THC Dominant Hybrid
17–19% THC < 1% CBD

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Slurricane strain, which has a pungent aromatic odour and provides a purple punch, is basically a Indica leaning hybrid that has terpene as the main component. It has been reported that consumers, who smoke slurricane, experience quick body effects right from the head to the toe. While some slurricane smokers have admitted to have experienced light tingling going down from the back of neck into their bodies thereby reducing tensions, others have felt a sense of drowsiness which is pleasantly overwhelming.

However, there is something in common, users have stated that smoking slurricane did improve their mood but they faced troubles with being focussed at work or anything.

Besides, there is another slurricane hybrid derivative (60% indica and 40% Sativa) that is comprised of a potent cross of delicious Do I Dos X purple punch strains. For indica lovers that have an inkling for super flavorfultoke and powerful punch effects, look for nothing else but slurricane. You will be totally dazed with this luscious combination. That’s a guarantee! You must experience the slurricane high within few minutes of your first exhaling smoke. The tingly effects will pass through your back from head and suddenly take hold generating a euphoric feeling that keeps growing every moment.

The result will be ever expanding happiness that drives out all negative thoughts in your mind. And that may keep on for hours until you become totally immovable.

You can now find specialist assistance from a cost-efficient slurricane strain Canada online to experience ecstasy at peak.

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