Milky Way Extracts – Vape Pen Cartridge


Each cartrige contains 1.0 mL of premium lab tested distillate with terpenes.

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If you enjoy vaping instead of smoking, Milky Way Extracts Distillate Cartridges are worth giving a try. They have the best grade distillate and strain-specific terpenes. All batches are lab tested for quality and purity. No MCT. No PG, PEG or VG. All milky way extracts distillate cartridges have total CBD profile above 95% and THC profile above 90%. Each Milky Way cartridges contains 1.0ml distillate – just like you asked for!

Milky Way Extracts produces clean, high quality, Canadian brewed distillate. Each cartridge can be filled with any strain of choice.


1 x 1.0 mL Milky Way Extracts Cartridge (filled with strain of choice)


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Banana Kush (Indica), Gelato (Indica), Grandaddy Purple (Indica), Green Crack (Sativa), Jack Herer (Sativa), Northern Lights (Indica), Pina Colada (Sativa), Strawberry Banana (Sativa), Super Lemon Haze (Sativa)

8 reviews for Milky Way Extracts – Vape Pen Cartridge

  1. Edward

    long-time bud smoker, completely hooked on this product and can’t believe I just discovered it. I don’t go anywhere without my pen now!! I have tried many other but this is just awesome.

  2. Roberson

    I have two different vapes from different makers and this is the best fit for them. good for all day smoke!

  3. Mcarber

    Still my favorite carts. Thanks to Budsandbeyond for on time delivery.

  4. Murray

    Great value. I’ve tried a few flavors, they are all pretty good and strong and usually taste alot like the flower strain. I like that they are 1 ml and have no solvents/fillers.

  5. Jesse Crowder

    These are the best carts in my opinion. You are able to consume every last drop of concentrate. They are potent and easy on the throat. 10/10 would hit again.

  6. Warden

    Wow. what can I say… This has helped me sleep so much better already! Heavy sedated buzz that I expect from an indica strain. It tastes very earthy which is not amazing but the buzz makes it worth it!! It is very smooth though. One good hit and you will feel that heavy eyelid feeling guaranteed.

  7. Andre

    Thanks for the fast delivery! I’ve been using Milky Ways for the past few months now and they are the best vapes I’ve tried so far.

  8. Rafael

    amazing, get this stuff just 2 days ago. going to buy other from this site.

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