Lock-N-Load Chillum One Hitter
Lock-N-Load Chillum One Hitter – – 9mm
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Lock-N-Load Chillum One Hitter – – 9mm

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Lock-N-Load-Chillum is a specially designed one-hitter for cannabis lovers anytime. Its small size makes the Lock-N-Load One Hitter Chillum is easy to carry and open. Unlike standard Chillums, Lock-N-Load only emits smell when it’s smoking time.

Developed by experts with PTSD experience, the Chillum came into existence once prescriptions failed to help them. To create a discreet and compact EDC product, the experts researched alternatives like marijuana. The result was Lock-N-Load Chillum with a cleaner and more flavored smoke.

Due to its small size Lock-N-Lock Chillum can fit into a pocket, making it ideal for travel. Made with pharma-grade glass allows it to provide clean smoke with a twist cap for simple opening and storage. Lock-N-Load Chillum One Hitter offers the added benefit of hiding the smell until it’s smoking time. You can buy Lock-N-Load Chillum One Hitter on Budsandbeyond at the best prices.

• Brand: Lock-N-Load
• Model: 9mm
• Length: 2.75 inches
• Material: Pharmaceutical Grade Glass
• Features: Twist cap on bowl to retain flower when on the go



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