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These suckers provide a slow release of THC, and come in 6 delicious flavours (Orange, Watermelon, Pina Colada, Rootbeer, Strawberry-Banana, Grape).

Each individually wrapped lollipop contains 90mg of THC, with 2 lollipops per pack for a total of 180mg THC.

Great for daytime use!


Appetite Stimulation | Creativity | Euphoria | Relaxtion

May Relieve:

Anxiety | Depression | Insomnia | Loss of Appetite | Pain | Stress


Grape | Orange | Pina Colada | Rootbeer | Strawberry-Banana | Watermelon

How Do The Krav Daytime Suckers Affect You?

Upon initial consumption, the Daytime Suckers will induce your mind into a state of elation and exhilaration, and will naturally restore your vitality and liveliness, simultaneously. Soon after this, your body will be swathed by a fizzing sensation and will enter a calm stage, wherein your muscles will start to loosen up and an invigorating feeling will surpass your body.  In the aftermath of this exhilarating state, the visible realization will dawn on the consumers that the aches and body pains have disappeared now.

The KRAV Daytime Suckers possess healing potential which is considered as one of its significant health benefits. These hemp infused foods possess the ability to take the edge off a wide array of medical conditions, including mental illness, long-standing illness and pain, headaches, migraines, etc.

Just the consumption of one sucker can have this soothing and calming effect on your body that can even last a couple of hours.

How Do You Use Daytime Suckers?

The preconceived notion among many consumers is that the entire lollipop must be consumed in one go or in one sitting, but it doesn’t work that way. It is advisable to estimate how the lollipop works on you by taking a small bite initially, rather than going all for it at the very first bite.

If you feel the need for having more of it, then the left-over lollipop can be consumed. It is recommended that the Krav lollipops are not used more than what is required just for diminishing your medical conditions.

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Grape, Orange, Pina Colada, Rootbeer, Strawberry-Banana, Watermelon


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