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Buy Kief Puck Online (5 Gram)

Smoking kief puck during daytime is what many people do to get a feel of cannabis and thus, the much desired body high. Kief is awesome as it is basically crystals derived from cannabis buds and it can get smokers badly baked when consumed. Besides, kief can also be mixed with food to get an ecstatic experience by cannabis consumers. Typically, kief is a por product which is grinded by stone and the result is a golden powder falling at the bottom of a grinder.  As compared to indica hash, it is much milder and that’s why it turns out to be a highly preferred smoking material.

How to Extract Kief?

The best way to smoke kief puck is to extract it by using the right type of tools and the process of sifting kief could be much easier than you think. Extract cannabis in modest quantities and store it in a kief box. For extracting cannabis, you may need 3 chambered grinders with a kief repository at the bottom. On grinding, kief particales in the form of golden powder will fall and accumulate almost effortlessly in a separate compartment at the bottom.

The Benefits

Kief puck can be easily collected, is strong and can be consumed as per your convenience. Kief hits are very powerful since the purest kief extractions can have up to 80% THC. The only investment is to buy the kief extraction equipment or else you will have to purchase it at retail outlets which may be expensive. It is better to extract kief on your own for saving money.


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