GOD BUD – Indica (AAA)
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GOD BUD – Indica (AAA)


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What Is the God Bud Strain?

The God Bud strain is a potent indica-dominant strain. This strain is a cross between the sativa Hawaiian and the hybrid Purple Skunk as well as the God strain (hence the name) – a mysterious Canadian strain which little is known about.

In terms of its effects, this strain’s intense euphoric high will have you feeling like a god in no time at all. Smokers of this strain say that its effects are uplifting but also extremely relaxing. The deep body melt feeling that this strain produces makes it the perfect late evening strain just to chill out, relax, and enjoy. The God Bud strain’s fragrance gives a good indication of its flavour. It has a strong earthy, skunky, pungent, and piney flavour infused with sweeter notes inherited from its parent strain Hawaiian. The danker, earthier flavours are more prevalent on the inhale and the sweeter, almost tropical flavours are detectable on the exhale.

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