FATSO – Indica (AAA) (Craft Cannabis)
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FATSO – Indica (AAA) (Craft Cannabis)


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If you are looking for strong marijuana in Canada, you can buy the Fatso cannabis strain.

The weed hails from a Colorado breeder named Cannarado. Fatso is considered a legend among smokers and is not for people with weak lungs. The strain is a cross between GMO cookies and Legend OG. It is a newer cannabis strain that caters to Hash, Kush, and cookies alike. It makes you so high that you won’t feel like leaving your couch after smoking it.

This hybrid strain is majorly Indica dominant. It is composed of 26% of THC and a negligible amount of below 1% CBD. In appearance, the buds of the strain are chunky and dense, medium green with lots of orange and grape hair.

It has got a magnificent aroma of pure gasoline, coffee and garlic, and has a pungent taste. You can buy Fatso Indica online to enjoy the taste and the effects of the cannabis strain.

Fatso is great marijuana for end-of-the-day relaxation. It delivers subsequent euphoria and relaxation. It relaxes your body’s metabolic activities and makes you more couch friendly. Starting with a feeling of happiness, it provides a delightful heaviness throughout your body. Many consumers buy Fatso Indica strain since it is a massive help when you need to get relief from insomnia and stress.

It has some minor side effects such as dry mouth and dry eyes. As this is a strong strain, it is generally not recommended to new cannabis consumers. Too much intake of this strain can cause some serious problems such as paranoia and anxiety.

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