Elements – THC DISTILLATE (1 ml)


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Ready to use elements THC distillate 1000mg syringes can now be purchased from the comfort of your home. We supply both smokable and ingestible elements distillates in strains with different types of flavours.

How to use THC distillate syringe?

THC elements distillate syringe is one of the novel ways for consuming cannabis. The product is a concentrate which has cannabis in the range 90% to 99%. The process of producing THC distillates syringes involves use of a short distillation technique that separates cannabis molecules and even refines them. THC cannaboid concentrate, which is 100% clean, is separated. As a finished product, it is super effective and user can experience body high in as less as one minute. Thus, if you want to take cannabis without smoking, just start using THC distillate syringe.

How can you use the THC distillate?

Our online services for providing pure Elements THC distillate for sale is fast gaining popularity and so, the demand for the product is ever growing. Here’s how you can use THC distillate:

Vaporizing – Just refill 100% pure THC distillate in vape tank of handheld vaporizer. It is enough!

Dab – Just take a dab of THc distillate and enjoy. Dabbing is easy and one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis.

Joint – Spread THC distillate on a piece of paper and smoke the substance. But you need to be aware that the product is highly concentrated. The method is ideal for classic smokers.

Available flavors

Blue dream distillate

Blueberry distillate

Girlscount cookies distillate

Elements gorilla glue distillate

Jackherer distillate

King louis xiii distillate

Maui wowie xiii distillate

Pineapple express distillate

Platinumkush distillate

Skywalker og distillate

Super lemon haze distillate

Watermelon og distillate

Strawbery banana distillate

To order and Buy Elements distillate or concentrates with 100% purity, contact us today!

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Blue Dream, Blueberry, Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue, Jack Herer, King Louis XIII, Maui Wowie, Pineapple Express, Platinum Kush, Skywalker OG, Sour Diesel, Super Lemon Haze, Watermelon OG, Strawbery Banana, CBD:THC 1:1


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