Chronic Quads – HTCFSE Diamonds

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Each jar contains 1 full gram of Chronic Quads HTCFSE Diamonds

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Chronic Quads, a company based in Vancouver, BC is behind quality HTCFSE production using extracts made from quad flowers.

The term HTCFSE stands for High Terpene Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract. It is a concentrate that contains phenolic amides, high cannabinoid levels, flavonoids, high terpene levels, and sterols. You can buy Chronic Quad HTCFSE Diamonds online in Canada.

Chronic Quads HTCFSE Diamonds are lab tested and found to contain 88.47% of THC content. One of the batches is derived from Pink Champagne. These are solvent-free and are one of the purest concentrates you can find. While you buy chronic quads HTFSE Diamonds, remember that each package contains 1 gram of HTCFSE diamonds.

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Pink Champagne (Indica)


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