Chronic Quads – HTCFSE Diamonds

Chronic Quads – HTCFSE Diamonds


Each jar contains 1 full gram of Chronic Quads HTCFSE Diamonds

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Chronic Quads is a Vancouver-based company that supplies users with a quality extract made from quad flower, hence the name. This particular batch of Pink Champagne (Indica) HTCFSE Diamonds have been lab tested and came back at 88.47% THC content.

HTCFSE (High Terpene Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract) is a concentrate that contains high cannabinoid levels, high terpene levels, flavonoids, phenolic amides, and sterols. HTCFSE is solvent-free and one of the most pure concentrates.

Chronic Quads HTCFSE Diamonds contain 1 full gram of High Terpene Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract Diamonds per packaging.

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Pink Champagne (Indica)


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