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Named after a young girl with a rare seizure disorder, Charlotte’s Web  AAA is a high-CBD/low-THC strain that originated in Colorado. Bred by the Stanley Brothers, Charlotte’s Web is mainly used to create health and wellness products.

Being one of the top strains, Charlotte Web CBD Canada consists of the highest CBD level compared to THC. It is a hemp-derived strain. This medical cannabis strain was created by the Stanley Brothers of Colorado for a little girl named Charlotte Figi. The girl suffered from treatment-resistant and stubborn epileptic seizures. Her strain, Charlotte’s Web CBD, provided great relief to her and she was able to significantly reduce her seizures. After some time, the story captured the attention of millions of people. Millions of families resorted to Colorado. Charlotte underwent an amazing transformation due to Charlotte’s web strain Canada and hence the little girl plays a significant role in securing medical Cannabis laws in many states. The Charlotte’s Web AAA gave hope to millions of families. It can help both pediatric patients and adult patients. Discover more details about Charlotte’s web flower Canada today.

With Buds and Beyond, you can buy the high-quality, government-approved Cannabis products through legalized and hassle-free process. It has earned laurels for serving the most powerful extracts, tastiest edibles, and the best strains.

Effects: Relaxed, Uplifted, Happy, Focused and Sleepy.

Medical: Stress, Pain, Inflammation, Depression and Muscle Spasms.

Flavours: Pine, Earthy and Pungent.

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1 G, 3.5 G, 7 G, 14 G, 1 OZ

5 reviews for CHARLOTTE’S WEB – CBD (AAA)

  1. Constance

    The smell brought me back to the bud I smoked in high school, definitely 5 star Sativa

  2. Jessie

    Good quality, nice buzz. Got my pack 2 days back. its was packed with extra care. Thanks Budsandbeyond taking care of my order. going to order next.

  3. Parker

    Excellent CBD strain. I got super fast delivery. thanks, Budsandbeyond. Recommended for every one

  4. Elvin

    This CBD dominate cannabis provides great pain relief. also, amazing buzz.

  5. Alfred

    Excited for this. super amazing buzz. just go for it. definitely you loved it.

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