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Black Nuken is a indica-dominant Hybrid. (80% indica/20% sativa)

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The black nuken strain is a indica dominant hybrid of black ice and duke nukem. Although this strain is relatively newer in the world of cannabis, it has already become popular for its notoriety as one of the top rated indica leaning hybrids which are capable of producing potent effects among users.

Besides, the black/duke nuken strain is renowned for its visual appeal as it produces tight and round buds which are intricately interlaced with orange coloured threadlike hair which in turn are coated with think layers of resins. The flowers or buds are sober in colour and due to purple hues, these dark green buds often appear blackish.

If you buy black nuken strain and consume it then you are likely to experience a mild uplift or even   energetic high but the effects could be strong and instant. Daytime smokers may enjoy long lasting sensation with minimum burnout. And some users with medical conditions might find black or duke nuken strain highly effective on account of the strain’s relaxation properties. The strain has the potential to reduce of insomnia and stress without the smoker getting completely sedated.

You can now order black nuken strain online to get a real feel of its extremely strong scent blended with a sweet and delightful floral undertone. However, smoke wouldn’t be harsh and the flavour may be very much like spicy citrus. It is due to this odour that users prefer smoking it rather than vaping it. Get the strain delivered at your doorstep now!

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