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As dark as its name, it is a beautiful midnight black domina strain crafted by Sensi Seeds. Besides its appearance, the scent is also distinctive as it is a trail of pepper. Some sources reveal that even certified dispensaries and practiced doctors recommend this strain for medicinal purposes. However, it needs 8-9 weeks for getting in full swing from a bud to an appealing flower.

Formulation– Not two but four cross-ways are processed herein, making Black Domina a unique variant among others. Its parents are Northern Lights, Hash Plant, Afghani, and Ortega. This indica-based variant has 95% of indica and 24% THC.

Effects– Users may feel a numbing sensation passing on to a happy and relaxed mode. It may even make the user feel hungrier yet happier. However, feeling euphoric is a certain thing.

Suitability– Insomnia patients will go into a wholesome sleep after having Black domina Canada. Females found relief from PMS mood swings and period cramps. Other problems like migraines, depression, anxiety, arthritis, and other pains also fade away. Even those who suffer from inflammation can get a cooling sensation.

Dosage– Pop it up right before bedtime to go through the positive effects without any interruptions. Buy black domina strain online in controlled quantity always.

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5 reviews for BLACK DOMINA – Indica (AAA)

  1. Tony

    Very perfect and night time strain. as my brother loves this black domain, he also feels relaxed in his leg pain.

  2. Phillip

    Extremely heavy body high. Makes you sleepy and relaxed. Don’t smoke it if you plan to go out.

  3. Michael

    Very warming. Indica heavy that makes my head feel like its surrounded by a cloud. Not the most intense high but very relaxing.

  4. Robert

    Love the high I get from this strain. It eases my mind and relieves my pain. Vape it in the day time to get me through tasks, and in the night time, it gets even better as it lures me to sleep, perfect for my insomnia. Long-lasting high, very cerebral. I always grab some whenever it comes around.

  5. sunny

    I love this BD! Got everything I need! It was a great entry level Indica that I would recommend as one of the cheaper options to seek if price is what matters to you.

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