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Buy BC Finger Hash in Canada

Lightly aromatic, our hash has a mellow taste and is perfect for easy smoking. BC finger hash Canada is slow-burning and packed with a punch!

It is made in our beautiful province of British Columbia by local aficionados.

What is Hash? 

Hash (short for hashish) is the original cannabis concentrate. Its origins date back to as early as 900 A.D. and go to the land of Arabia. The word hashish roughly translates to ‘grass’ and the herb is known for its long, mellow high, which is a favourite of stoners all over the world.

What Are The Types Of Hash? 

There are different types of finger hash for sale out there. Here’s a brief breakdown of each:

Dry-Ice Hash – Dry-Ice Hash is made by mixing the plant matter with dry-ice in a screen bag and then shaking it. The trichomes freeze and fall through the screen bag into a collection bin. It’s ice-cold just like its name and is produced from frozen CO2.

IWE/Bubble Hash – Creating this hash takes a more labour intensive approach where the plant matter is mixed with ice-cold water, either by hand or in a mixing machine. Similar to the dry ice method, the trichomes freeze and fall off. The mixture is then poured through a series of screens which get finer and finer until the desired results are achieved.

What Makes BC Hash The Best? 

If you want crazy, try out BC! Not just the people who try it but our BC finger hash is on another level too! It only makes sense since the hash’s potency is attributed to its potent buds. The flower used in the Middle East is not that good but hash makers know how to make the best use of it, despite the base material not being so potent.

On the other hand, BC Hash uses an AAA and AAAA quality flower as its base material. Just like everything else, if you use good quality ingredients, you will get a high-quality product. Made with a blend of sativa and indica strains, you can buy finger hash online from our website and get it shipped right to your doorstep.

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4 reviews for BC FINGER HASH

  1. putulikokituk (verified owner)


  2. edmontonfbc (verified owner)

    Really impressed. Very good stuff.

  3. Adamie

    Very specific taste in indeed

  4. r_aupaluktuq96 (verified owner)

    This one is nice and strong, A bit sticky, Buying more for sure

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