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If you want a cannabis product that offers flexible usage options, buy Phoenix Tears. You can apply it topically or consume it orally.

Oral methods include sublingually using a dropper or infusing it with different foods as a capsule so that you can easily include it in your daily regimen.

Phoenix Tears
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Phoenix Tears in Canada is also known as Rick Simpson Oil, since its founder, marijuana activist Rick Simpson, used it to treat his cancer symptoms. It’s a concentrated form of cannabis oil.

It has a higher level of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, making it more potent than other cannabis oils, especially pure CBD oils. So, when you buy Phoenix Tears online in Canada, you get a higher kick whether you use it for medicinal or recreational purposes.

Phoenix Tears helps in reducing anxiety and relieving pains due to arthritis and cancer. You could also experience greater appetite and improved sleep due to the THC. This makes Phoenix Tears a better choice compared to other CBD oils.